portable frost catcher (009)
assembly instructions
there are thirty (30) pieces, including the tin, that make up this frost catcher
the bottom of the tin (02) becomes the base of the frost catcher
slide washer (03) over 1/4" bolt (04) and insert, from the inside of the tin, into the 1/4" hole (02A)
insert part (07) into 1/4" hole (02B) and secure from the inside with 1/4" wingnut (06)
slide yellow part (05) onto 1/4" bolt (04)
insert the small threaded bar w/ nut (08) into the small hole in the side of the tin's lid (01) with the nut being on the inside of the lid
slide black grommet (09) onto the protruding part of the threaded bar
insert the remain part of the small threaded bar into the outside of the tin base at (02C) and secure from the inside with the small wingnut (10)
with the frost catcher sitting on its base, slide small copper tube (11) onto the remaining bit of threaded bar (08)
place the corrugated tin piece (12) onto 1/4" bolt top (04)
add the wire piece (13), placing the loop end over bolt (04), with the opposite end of the wire pointing up
secure (12) & (13) in place with 1/4" wingnut (14)
set red plastic piece (15) onto the top of bolt (04) and secure with 1/4" nut (16)
insert wire piece (17) into the hole (02D) in the tin base
using the black clip (19) midway up the longer copper tube (18), secure the tube to the end of the wire mesh (20)
place plastic cap (21) on top of copper tube (18) and slide the open end of the tube onto wire (13)
clip wire piece (22) in an upright position to the end of the corrugated piece (12) with small clip (23)
clip perforated metal piece (24) to the top of the tin lid (01) with small clip (25)
insert wire piece (26) into the hole at the end of corrugated piece (12)
insert galvanized bar with flattened ends through the clip handle of (23)
place plastic lid (28) onto plastic bottle neck (29) [these pieces are stored unassembled so as to fit into the catcher container]
after placing the assembled pieces (28) & (29) near the catcher base, set blue plastic piece (30) on top of plastic lid (28)
the assembled catcher, allowing for some variation, looks something like the image below left
the unassembled catcher, arranged back into its container, looks something like the image below right
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