portable frost catcher 004
ink bottle, glass jar, metal shaft, dog dish, tin can, baking pan, concrete block
december 2008 / january 2009

__ The idea behind this frost catcher is an attempt to replicate (somewhat) the conditions that see the most frequent frost accumulations around here, that being the car windshield. An enclosed air space that tends, initially, to be warmer than the surrounding air seemed appropriate. This piece incorporates a heat sink (the metal shaft - part of an axle, I think) that is initially at indoor room temperature when first deployed inside the larger glass container. The ink bottle at the top is a sealed airspace and the inverted tin can and baking pan also provide some bit of air space containment.

Initially the catcher caught a bit of snow (14 December 2008).

Then snow and freezing rain (21 December 2008).

Then more snow (22 December 2008).

Finally got around to some frost (04 January 2009).

Location: N 45 31' 41" W 122 54' 15"
Time: 07:12 am PST
Temperature: 28 F
Barometer: 30.19 steady
Humidity: 90%
Visibility: 1.2 mi
Dewpoint: 26 F
Wind: Calm

So does the heat sink make a difference? Not sure. There is obviously some frost accumulation but there was frost on a couple other catchers as well (and, of course, on the car windshield). There does seem to be a nice 'fogging' occurring in the jar. Tests continue as the weather allows...

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