ice rain catcher
December 2008

Snow followed by a freezing rain in the night left a nice coating of ice (above - morning, 21 December 2008).

[Portland, when it gets bad (a subjective term) weather in the winter, tends toward freezing rain events. Moist air from the coast moves onshore while cold air moves west down the Columbia River Gorge. The two meet over Portland and for a day or two the roads become skating rinks. This year was a rarity in that about 8" of snow showed up first, followed by freezing rain, followed by more snow.]

Some additional freezing rain was forecast for the afternoon so a catcher seemed in order.
The intent was to see how the ice might accumulate on the various bits of metal and glass

hot sauce bottle
light shade
wire (2 gauges)
clamp pieces
kettle lid
washers (2 sizes)
rabbit fencing
tin can
tomato cage


The freezing rain did show up and about an eighth-inch accumulated before it began to snow.
It snowed off and on that night and the next day (22 december 2008).
Alas (at least for the catching of same), freezing rain did not return
(local motorists were pleased on that count, however).

So, yes, it is more properly an ice-rain-followed-by-snow catcher.

Addendum. It's now about a week later. Most of the snow and ice has gone and it's in
the mid-40s (F) and raining, a much more typical Portland winter weather scenario.

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