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A map of participation in Michael Leigh's Wheelie Bin Project

Michael thought his trash receptacle looked a bit dull
He asked after some interesting things to stick on it
A number of folks responded
I sent something along as well
(This post is the full description of my small bit)

This is the map that charts the various image routes of one set of stickers

(01) Michaelís unadorned wheelie bin (in Cheshire, England)
(02) Image of wheelie bin goes into camera
(03) Image from camera goes to Michaelís computer
(04) From computer to Internet ether
(05) From Internet ether to my computer
(06) From computer to printer to get a sticker of Michaelís bin
(07) Printed sticker of Michaelís bin goes onto our bin (in Hillsboro, Oregon)
(08) Image of our bin adorned with Michaelís binís image goes into camera
(09) Image from camera goes back to my computer
(10) From my computer back to printer for sticker set of our bin with Michaelís binís image
(11) Stickers go into International Post ether
(12) From International Post ether to Michaelís bin (where stickers join many others)
(13) Image of wheelie bin into camera (take two)
(14) Image from camera to computer
(15) Computer back to Internet ether
(16) Internet ether back to my computer
The above map is drawn
(17) Map is scanned and sent back to the Internet ether via this page (originally the post)

The ongoing evolution of Michael's no-longer-dull wheelie bin can be seen here.

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