bee & bug house
a bee (& bug) house for solitary bees. built sept2011. inhabited summer 2012.

Finished house, ready to mount on a 4x4 post in the garden (waiting for concrete to dry).

I was first attracted to these by way of images I'd seen of different houses and insect walls.
--- a nice sculptural element that is also a benefit to the local insect community...
Some initial layout and block cutting, recycled metal shelf for a roof.
bee house detail

The wood pieces are loose, though tightly packed, so they can be
removed for drying and cleaning if necessary (the roof should
provide a fair amount of protection).
Here it is mounted and set up in the garden, facing south for warmth.

The bees are still all over the California lilac, in the foreground here,
- it's mid-September and there are still blossoms coming out -
as well as the lavender and fading echinaceas just down the way,
so they may find it - if not, it will be waiting come spring...

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